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2008 World Poker Tour Bay 101, San Jose, Ca

Joe Hachem and Ulti WPT-Trophy 2008 Winning hand Mike Sexton and Vince VanPatten

Joe Hachem and Ulti

WPT 2008 Trophy

Photo of monitor showing the final hand from overhead

Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patton

Noah Jefferson John Phan  Mike Baker  Jennifer Harman

Finalist- Noah Jefferson

Finalist-John Phan

Finalist-Michael Baker

Finalist-Jennifer Harman
Steve Sung  Brandon, Mike and Vince  WPT-Winner Certificate  Jennifer and Brandon

Finalist-Steve Sung

$1,000,000 Winner Brandon Cantu with Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten

Winning Certificate

Shooting Star-$5000
Brandon takes out

Jennifer's Shooting Star TShirt  Antonio Esfandiari and Ulti 

Layne Flack and Ulti

Barry Greenstein and Ulti 
Jennifer Harman's Shooting Star T-Shirt Antonio Esfandiari and Ulti Layne Flack and Ulti Ulti and Barry Greenstein

Ulti and Phil Ivey 

Erick Lindgren 

Amir Vahedi

Allen Cunningham

Ulti and Phil Ivey Erick Lindgren    
  Amir Vahedi  Allen Cunningham
Anna Wroblewski  An-Nan Chen  Barry Greenstein and Phil Ivey  Antonio Esfandiari 
      Antonio Esfandiari 
Anna Wroblewski  An-Nan Chen Barry Greenstein and Phil Ivey   
Cindy Violette  Clonie Gowen Maureen Feduniak  Mike Matusow 
Cindy Violette  Clonie Gowen  Maureen Feduniak  Mike Matusow 
Ravi Udayakumar   Ted Forrest and Mimi Tran   TJ Cloutier  Gavin Smith 
Ravi Udayakumar  Ted Forrest and Mimi Tran TJ Cloutier  Gavin Smith 
Isabelle Mercier  Phil Laak  Scotty Nguyen and Layne Flack  Joe Hachem and Huck Seed 
Isabelle Mercier  Phil Laak Scotty Nguyen and Layne Flack  Joe Hachem and Huck Seed 

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