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Venue Support Prices Effective 6/18/2002
Support Pricing Workstation/UNIX LINUX
Medley w/Rooms $825.00 $425.00
Medley Run-Time $345.00 $225.00
LOOPS $245.00 $115.00
NoteCards Developer $345.00 $345.00
NoteCards User $150.00 $150.00

(of course we offer discounts for more than one unit at a single site,
single customer contact)

Support includes: New versions as available. Bug fixes on a best-efforts basis. Phone support, limited to product under support.  Moving license to a new host with same hardware and OS.

Services Not Included in Support

Reinstating Lapsed Support
Per copy to be supported: $1,200.00 plus 1 year's support

Upgrades and License Migration
1108/86 license to Unix license: $1,200.00 plus 1 year's support
Upgrade to current version for same host and hardware, if not
on support: $75.00

Moving Licenses Workstation/UNIX LINUX
Moving license to a new host with different hardware or OS $75.00 $75.00
Moving license to a new host on same hardware, and OS, if not on support $3395.00 $1595.00
Moving license to a new host with different hardware or OS, if not on support $3395.00 $1595.00
University R&D Support 20% Discount from normal pricing

For any copy of Venue software at a customer site to be eligible for
support, support must be ordered for all copies of that software at that site.

Medley, Loops and Notecards are not currently available.

Jill Marci Sybalsky
Vice President

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