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                                          Venue Policy
Due to the nature of our business the following policy will be followed.
Existing customers wishing other terms please contact our accounting department to see if anything can be negotiated in writing.
Those seeking customizing of Venue products, or those seeking adding of features to any Venue product, MUST pay in advance. 

Any customizing of Venue Products come with a limited 90 day support.
A set of acceptance tests must be agreed upon by Venue and client. Once the acceptance tests have run as specified as agreed, the client development will be considered finished, and will be delivered.

At this point, any post-development payments become due, and client agrees that it will not withhold payment on the basis of non-delivery or non-compliance with specifications.

When a problem arises within the 90-day support period, Venue must be notified by email or in writing within 3 days. To the extent possible, such reports must include the symptoms of the problem and an indication of how it prevents customer work, plus detailed instructions for reproducing the bug.
Customers must be willing to have Venue execute non-disclosure agreements and obtain access to any customer-confidential data required to reproduce the problem.
Customers must be willing to assist Venue in reproducing problems, if necessary.
Companies that send  Purchase Orders:
Your purchase order will be considered a final sale, no refunds or exchanges permitted.

An invoice will be faxed or mailed to you, payable upon receipt. We will provide the Venue product upon payment.
Method of payment for International customers: 

Pre-paid International Money Order in US Funds.

Medley, Loops and Notecards are not currently available.

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