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John and Jill Sybalsky
co-authors of "Top to bottom"
A bi-monthly look at the whole calling profession.  Get the latest in Square Dance Caller Information.  Regular features: The Scene, Quarterly Selections, Plus through Challenge, Selling S/D, Timely Topics, Growing, Dancer Satisfaction, Advertising Hints, Tips and Tricks on teaching calls, and a whole lot more!
Currently Out of Production-No future production planned

Top to Bottom Presents:
"A Complete Perspective-Basics through C3A "
(formerly "Big Five")
Dictionary and Square Dance Manual  Deluxe size 8.5"X11" Regular size 7"X8.5"
by John Sybalsky with contributions from Bill Davis and Jill Marci Sybalsky

This is the most comprehensive Dictionary and Square Dance Manual available.  It contains complete, official, Callerlab Programs from MS through C-3A. 

It contains annotated comments on most of the calls on usage, difficulty, teaching hints, learning hints, uses to avoid, get-outs and other points of choreo interest.  Discussions on the latest concepts and practices are included.

No current stock.  Future production undecided.

"A Complete Perspective-Basics through C3A" (formerly "Big Five")

Regular Edition $9.95 each plus $2 postage

Deluxe Edition $13.95 each plus $2 postage

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